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The School of Calm is a 6-step system to help you figure out how to decrease your stress and increase your happy in less than 10 minutes a day.

Tell me if this sounds like you -

  • You love to check off items on your to-do list. But, that list just keeps getting longer and being overwhelmed is not getting checked off no matter how many tasks you complete.
  • You know you need to do something about your stress. (Or maybe your friends, your kids or your Dr. are telling you need to do something about it...hint, hint)
  • You've heard about meditation, but you're a person who can't stop thinking.
  • You keep hearing about all these amazing reasons to try to meditate, but you have no idea how to get started or if you 're doing it right.
  • You may even think that people who keep talking about meditation are annoying - because you can't believe something so boring can make a difference.
  • You're so busy that the thought of adding anything else makes you want to run away.
  • You tried meditation once but it didn't seem like anything was happening. Or, it was a bit too "woo-woo" or weird.
  • Or...maybe you've tried meditation and know that it really works, but you can't seem to make yourself stick with it.

Sound familiar?

With research-backed journal articles, brain scans, and thousands of anecdotal stories about the superpowers of meditation - learning how to meditate is a no brainer for your brain (and your well-being).

It's NOT about whether or not you're stressed (you are) or if meditation works on stress (it does).

The question should be:

How are we going to teach you how to do it and fit it into an already filled-to-the brim life?

Welcome to the School of Calm 

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Imagine if -

  • You're the calmest person in the room
  • When crappy moments hit, you know what to do and how to do it so as not to derail your whole day (or week, or month)  
  • You respond intead of REACT to things that happen around you
  • You still have your edge, but you get to choose how you use it - insead of letting your reflexes choose for you
  • You notice the little things more
  • When other people complain about how stressed and overwhelmed they are, you smile becuase you remember what that used to feel like
  • You have a plan to keep your stress down and you are confident you can make it happen
  • Your body feels better - less butterflies, less tight shoulders, fewer headaches, and the feeling like someone is sitting on your chest all the time has disappeared
  • You know you're "doing it right"


Hi I’m Jen Johannsen, creator of the the School of Calm.

In my past life, I was a school psychologist. A stressed-out and overwhelmed school psychologist who was a meditation skeptic. But the research (and the results) won me over and now I teach people how to slay their stress with non-weird meditation.

I learned through experience that teaching people to meditate and helping them stick with it often requires more than an app or some recorded meditations on YouTube. I wanted to fix that. I've packaged my step-by-step system to make you successful in meditation and become less stressed.

Enter the School of Calm.

Because, who needs more stress when they are trying to decrease their stress? (Answer: not you)

Let's Break Down the 6 Phases

Find Your Why

In this phase we cover -

-The Science of Stress

-The big "Why's" of meditation

-Discovering your Why's

-Assessing Your Stress

Set The Stage

In this phase we cover -  

-All the things you don't need to get started

-The few things you do need

-All the weird places you can meditate

-Setting doable (but stress-changing) goals  

Turn Around Thoughts

In this phase we cover -  

-What to do when you can't stop thinking  

-Specific strategies to help you stop judgment in its tracks

Meet Your Match

In this phase we cover -  

-All the meditation types 

-How to find what types you love (and what types you don't)

-Realistically how often you should meditate  

 Create Your Triangle

In this phase we cover -  

-The Meditation Triangle Method  

-Crappy Moment Strategies 

-The Present Present

-How to meditate when you have no time

Make It Stick

In this phase we cover -  

-The Science of Habits 

-Your Stress Plan

-Strategies to make meditation easily slide into your day

What's Included

This simple and step-by-step roadmap has everything you need to take you from STRESSED to ahhhh....

8 Video Modules Quickly and easily work through the framework with visual and written guides. 

Step-by-Step Workbook Stop being overwhelmed by following along step-by-step and checking off action tasks along the way.

Stress Quiz This quick assessment gives you an idea just how much stress you are feeling. It shows you how much can change in a few short weeks.

Meditation Library Need a guided meditation to use? You have access to a whole library that is divided into the different types.

Progress Tracker Easily keep track (and check off) how far you have come. 

Lifetime Access No worries if you can't get to the entire course right away. You have lifetime access so you can come back as often as you like - for as long as you like.

Get Started Decreasing Your Stress & Increasing Your Happy

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Got Questions?

How is this different from an app?

The School of Calm is a wrap-around program. It does not just teach you how to meditate and gives you acesss to guided meditations. It also guides you through the Why's, the habits and The Meditation Triangle so you can easily insert it in your busy life. 

In my experience, those are the missing pieces that cut through being overwhelmed and makes the superpower of meditation stick around with ease. The School of Calm is so much more than an app.

How long with this take?

You can whip through the course content in about 2 hours. It is up to you (and your schedule) if you want to go through it in 10-15 minutes chunks or if you want to learn it all in one sitting. Either way works!

Do I need to have another meditation app to use School of Calm?

Nope! The School of Calm has everything you need to get started and stick with meditation. However, if you have an app you love, you can use it as a companion to the School of Calm.

What's included?

All the things you need to be successful with getting started and sticking with meditation - The 6-Step Framework to Meditation Mastery, 8 video modules, a fillable workbook, personal stress quiz, a progress tracker, and a guided meditation library. All of it has lifetime access, so you do not need to rush to finish right away. It also means you can repeat the course material as many times as you want - or need.

Where do I take the course?

The course is all online and you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. You also can download an app that will give you easy access to all the materials on your mobile device in a single click. The included workbook can be filled out on your computer or printed and written in the old-fashioned way.

I have never meditated before, is the School of Calm for me?

Yes! You are in the perfect place. The School of Calm lays out everything you need in a step-by-step format so all you need to do is follow the action steps and you are on your way to calm.

I have some meditation experience, so should I enroll in School of Calm?

If you are looking to deepen your meditation habit, explore different types of meditation, learn about stress and make it all work seamlessly in your day, then yes!

If you are happy with your meditation habit and just want to continue with what you are doing, then the School of Calm is not right for you (just keep going!).

I can't stop thinking/can't sit still and I don't see myself meditating, is this for me?

Yes! The School of Calm covers how to approach this and I promise we will find a style of meditation that works for you no matter how many thoughts you have or how fidgety you are. They are so many options and I will guide you though them in the course.

Get Started and Stick with Non-Weird Meditation

  • The 6- Step Framework to Meditation Mastery
  • PDF workbook guide
  • Guided Meditation Library
  • Personal Stress Quiz
  • Lifetime Access and Updates
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